Let's crowdfund a whisky cask


Independent review

Colour: A light honey.

On the nose: A gentle yet familiar coastal arrival tinged with honeycomb and a subtle cherry sweetness. That Gorse aroma again and autumnal vegetation. Salty, but not overly so. There’s definitely more redness trying to break through and a touch of smoke. Time reveals bacon crisps and IPA grapefruit.

In the mouth: an interesting cesspool of oak, peat and sweetness. Punchy as well. Proper Islay. Dark chocolate and quite meaty. There’s a lot to chew upon here. A rich maple syrup, toffee and a squeeze of lemon. Almost mulch at times with charcoal and orange peel.

Cask one

Cask One is the genesis of The Whisky Crowd, it’s the reason we’ve started this project. Single malt Scotch whisky distilled and matured in Islay in a French Oak, ex-Bordeaux cask for 7 years. It’s taken on a pinkish hue from the ex-wine cask, tastes as good as it looks, and it looks gorgeous!
We can’t see this cask disappear on the private market, or be blended into some kind of red labelled nonsense. This is our chance to bring this cask into the light, to be shared by anyone bold enough to take part. This is your chance to own something truly unique that can’t be found again.
We’ve reserved this cask for now, it holds 360 bottles of cask strength magic.
360 parts, each hand bottled and uniquely numbered.
Will you take your part?

How The Whisky Crowd works...

We have identified and reserved a whisky of unique character from a private collector.

You are invited to purchase a “part” which will entitle you to one bottle of whisky, direct from the cask.

Once enough “parts” have been sold, the cask will be paid for (including VAT and duties), bottled, and your uniquely numbered bottle (one-of-a-kind) will be delivered to the address which you have provided.

In the unlikely case that insufficient “parts” have been sold by the deadline, we will provide you with a refund.