Who are you and why should I trust you?

Great question.

We are two whisky enthusiasts living in Glasgow, Scotland. We came up with this idea for The Whisky Crowd when purchasing a cask together.

Guy is from Northern Ireland and while living in Bushmills did the whiskey tour three times in one day, he claims it’s a record. 

Josh is from South Africa, his favourite dram is Laphroaig 10, which his girlfriend hates, which makes him love it more.

We got frustrated with the costs dumped onto customers and felt these could be cut out through crowdfunding. We decided to do this via our own website to avoid the fees and admin costs involved with major crowdfunding sites and also because alcohol is banned from most of them. 

We are a registered company (Company number SC595979) in Glasgow and if you need any additional information please email us info@thewhiskycrowd.com and we can give you a call to chat through any questions.


Guy and Josh

What does it cost?

50cl – £58 incl Free UK Shipping

70cl – £74 Free UK Shipping

What does this whisky taste like?


Lovely up front smokey peat with notes of vanilla and apples


A gorgeous sea salt with marmalade developing


A refreshing finish with mint and sea salt

When will I get my whisky if I buy a part?

We have a funding deadline of Midnight 31st October. We need to have sold all 360 parts by then to bottle this cask. If the crowdfunding is successful the process from cask to bottle will take approximately 3 months so we would hope to have your bottle heading to you in the new year.

Where do you ship to?

UK – Free Shipping

USA – £40

Australia – £40

France – £10

Germany – £10

If you would like to request shipping to your location please email us info@thewhiskycrowd.com

Can I buy this whisky in a shop, will it be for sale again later?

No. Not now or ever. Step up and take part.

Can I buy this whisky if I’m underage?


Why has The Whisky Crowd put together such an amazing deal?

We do this because we love whisky and we want to share the experience with people like you.

What happens if the crowdfund target isn’t reached?

You’ll receive a refund and we’ll cry, a lot.

Why a 7 year whisky, could you not find something older?

We could, and we did, but this was the better tasting and more unique.

Will each bottle be numbered?

Yes, every bottle will be individually numbered. You can sleep soundly knowing that you are the only owner of that specific bottle number.

All questions answered?

  • Distilled on Islay

  • French Oak Ex-Bordeaux Cask

  • 7 Years old

  • Non-Chill Filtered

  • Cask Strength 61%

  • Hand bottled and numbered

  • 50cl & 70cl

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